Records of the sea of ​​stocks (1)

table of Contents:

First entry into the arena

In July 2000, Ye Mingtian went to Shanghai, China just after graduating from University, looking forward to becoming a better person here. So he submits his resume madly every day, but his personal conditions are ordinary, he doesn’t like the job he likes, and he doesn’t like his job. Later, seeing his wallet getting thinner and thinner, he had no choice but to do a job called a broker but a salesman on the stock exchange.
In the first few months, his business started extremely difficult. As a science student, he was nervous when he saw strangers. Just like that, he was on the verge of being expelled.
At the end of the year, he had a roommate who came to Shanghai to play. He invited this person to dinner, and then he learned some real skills at work. Years later, his business gradually improved, but he was just getting enough food and clothing.
Because he is in the exchange every day, when he has little savings, he can’t wait to open an account, hoping to have a chic life like the big ones he sees in the big room.

Bumpy years

However, as soon as he opened an account, he encountered a bear market that lasted for several years. In this bear market, it is not only a master, but also difficult to get out of the whole body, not to mention earning a considerable amount of money, not to mention people like him who are new to the sea. As a result, in just a few months, all his savings were quickly wiped out. But because he is a science student, he has very strong logic skills. He thought that maybe he was not good at it. Maybe it was just like going to school. If he didn’t know the topic before, he would study more. So, after he saved money for a while, he invested in the stock market without hesitation.
But how did he know that the sea is changing, and if a person does not have enough abilities and accumulation, just like a flat boat in the rough sea, he will soon be wiped out. Therefore, the second attempt, which was useless for three weeks, failed again.
But his character is extremely tenacious. He works during the day and goes out part-time at night. He doesn’t dare to waste time during weekends. He usually saves money very quickly. It is useless for half a year and saves another ten thousand yuan. This time he finally thought that it was not easy to make money, so he didn’t dare to invest all the money. He left 3,000 yuan in his bank card and used the remaining 7,000 to open an account. He thought, how can these seven thousand be supported for a period of time.
Indeed, for various reasons, this time he was 7,000 yuan, and he also encountered good luck, and he was also bought a daily limit stock. Just that, he didn’t dare to be happy because he knew it would be too soon. Up. So he still went to work while trading stocks. Later, after very careful research, he bought one, thinking about how he could make a fortune. As a result, within three days, the stock was suspended.
He was about to jump in a hurry at the time. It didn’t take long for him to stop. He was stopping for eight months. During this period, his family happened to ask him for money. His classmates still had several marriages, so he wanted to make money. In the past eight months, he was poor and barely ate steamed buns to live.
at last! That stock is open! He wondered, eight months later, he can always make a fortune. Unexpectedly, he even ate two lower limits at the opening, which scared him and quickly sold it. After the sale, the stock rose for a week. At this moment, his heart is really sad than that fried.

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