A Probe into Personal Finance (2)

Clear planning

Before starting financial management, be sure to make a list for yourself. Including: Decide how much money to invest and how much money to produce. If a loss is made, the amount will be suspended. It is easy to write a few numbers, but since you have written it, you must follow this plan. There are many people who are not careful in formulating the plan, but they have aborted the previous plan for various reasons during the implementation.
In this way, not only does the time cost of making their plans sank helplessly, but it also makes it difficult to guarantee the safety of funds.
There are some people in the futures market who have made their capital increase significantly in a short period of time, but after a few years, their figure disappeared helplessly. Because the market is constantly changing, if you believe too much in your judgment and do not have enough ability to adapt to the changes, then the consequences are worrying.
On the contrary, if you have made preparations in advance and made a complete plan, you can at least largely guarantee the safety of your funds. After all, the returns from medium- and long-term investments are generally more regular than short-term investments. It is true that some people are experts in short-term speculation, but those people may be talented. In comparison, the long-term financial plan is more secure.

Small product grows into more

Especially when I didn’t like it at the beginning, but it was in line with a person’s natural work.
Generally speaking, the starting salary of most ordinary people’s work is not high, except for programmers, it is difficult to earn an annual income of 100,000 to 150,000 US dollars just after graduation. Well, there are two ways at this time:
1. Hone your professional skills to make it better than at least 80% of people.
2. If the job you are engaged in is not what you like, be sure to spend 1-2 hours a day or more in your spare time to learn your favorite job. If you are not sure what job you like, then some books such as personality tests can be bought for research. After thorough research, there is a standard of judgment that I can tell you. If you do n’t have the energy to work now, if your eyes shine when you learn something in your spare time, it means that it ’s your favorite job. So, start right away. At the beginning, the salary may not be as high as it is now, but you have enthusiasm and are willing to continue to work hard for it. In two or three years, in addition to this job, you can also work part-time in this profession, and the salary is certainly considerable.
Therefore, no matter what work you do, you must not be in a hurry. Because just like sports, if you want to score too much, you will make mistakes due to the deformation of the movement. There must be a peace of mind. Of course, I also understand that sometimes people and things at work are very irritating. However, we think again, what is our life for? Just get angry at this little thing? Of course not. I want an annual salary of $ 200,000. When I was angry with him, I might as well take part-time jobs or learn some new knowledge. I was angry and could not make money. Sometimes I lost money because I made the wrong decision. So you need to pay more attention at this time.
Sometimes, long-term goals require inner passion to persevere. Of course, not every goal is worth adhering to, especially when some work hurts the body. For example, there is a kind of work in the United States, which can be respected by most people. Of course, monthly income is also considerable, but because it is often necessary to work overnight, the working hours are almost more than 100 hours per week. Of course, this kind of work can be done when there is a lack of money, but with a certain economic foundation, it is necessary to consider the balance between life and work appropriately.

Choose a job

When you have a certain economic foundation, you must choose those meaningful jobs that are meaningful to your personal growth and long-term financial work. Because when the professional level rises to a certain level, people at the same level as you are growing rapidly. If you are missing some necessary progress for the sake of a temporary benefit, then in the next ten years, understanding and thinking about the profession , May not be comparable to people with the same seniority.

Part-time study

When there is a certain economic foundation, it is not necessary to spend most of the free time available for learning. At this time, we must try other learning, such as fencing, such as judo, such as painting, etc. Learning these at this time does not need to consider the economic future, but it is something you really like or may like in the future, which can open up one’s thinking. Not only is it beneficial for work or financial management, but more importantly, when encountering difficulties, considering with other ideas that ordinary people can’t reach, there may be a breakthrough. Moreover, according to scientific research, moderate exercise of the body will not only consume energy, but also greatly help the mental and emotional levels.

Self-confidence and wealth

Many times, when you encounter difficulties, you need to stick your teeth. I believe that I will be able to overcome this difficulty. I have read some books on the history of the company. Those big companies that were extremely famous later, they were not all smooth sailing when they started and developed, and they all encountered the danger of bankruptcy, but they all gritted their teeth. Hold on. This is true for an enterprise, and so should a person. To hold on, you have to rely on your confidence.
Sometimes, some problems seem to be difficult to solve, but if you believe that you can solve it, then you will naturally think about how I should integrate the resources at hand to complete this matter. If you believe that you ca n’t solve it, then you may consider: No, what I will do. Of course, you must have a backup plan, but you ca n’t think about too many backup plans when solving problems, because it is not only a loss to your wealth, but more importantly, it is also a huge loss to your self-confidence.
Therefore, to be rich, be confident first.

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