A Probe into Personal Finance (3)

Reasons for salary increase

Many people change jobs not because they are unhappy, but because they expect to be able to raise their salary by changing to a new job. At this time, you need to negotiate with the HR or boss of your company. However, since it is negotiation, it has skills.
Many negotiators emphasize too much on themselves, and usually say what kind of experience “me” has and what kind of ability “me” has. This is indeed important, but more importantly, it is important to highlight the value these capabilities can bring to the other company. Empathy. If you are the boss, of course you want an employee who is more valuable to the company, and you do n’t want an employee who has the ability but cannot bring enough benefits to the company.
If he can bring us benefits, then he can also be considered more salaries. If the contrary is true, then he cannot be given a satisfactory salary.

Timely summary

To sum up the workplace and financial income in a timely manner. To judge which is luck and which is your own ability. In many cases, it is difficult to last long by luck, and improving your ability is the most important thing. Things like year-end bonuses or stock dividends, look like this. Sometimes you shouldn’t care too much about the gains and losses of one thing at a time. Workplace or career is a matter of decades. Sometimes, it may be that the salary is really low for a while, but the ability development is greater. At this time, even if it is more difficult, you need to clench your teeth and persevere.
Only one day when you have enough ability, you can develop your own career.
To judge whether this job or this salary should be obtained at present, this needs to be summed up in time to know. Don’t do a job you don’t like for three years, and then summarize. This is regrettable.

Solve the problem

A person’s ability to solve problems can not only solve work problems, but also solve life problems and personal financial problems. The fundamental truth of all of these is the same.
When nothing happens, it is best to measure it in terms of income. How much is this hour worth? It is not necessary to work to ‘earn’ this money, and the necessary need to exercise or maintain a life is also considered earning money. But if the hourly wage for work is not particularly high, and you have to waste spare time on entertainment, you have to think carefully.
This series of articles is a series of financial management articles. The purpose is to expect readers and friends to get some financial knowledge by reading this series of articles and improve their financial situation better. So if you do n’t earn enough money, the financial management fee is half a day, which is also a mirror.
But people are tired. If you are tired, you need to “look far” in time, and it is not necessarily wrong. You can assume that you are a senior employee of a certain company, or think about how to invest after you have a certain amount of capital-note, not how to entertain. Write yourself a work plan or development goals. Pretend to talk at tomorrow’s meeting. Tomorrow no one will listen. You can formally be a PPT and tell your family, even if it is pure entertainment. This can also give people a certain amount of motivation in a relaxed way.
One has to solve the problems that should be solved, and ignore the unimportant problems. This is the strategic vision. If you are entangled in details, it is likely to be entangled with insignificant details, which is not easy to have a wonderful life.

Think more

Just like a well-known high-traffic account, he has very famous traffic on some social apps, but has anyone thought about his weakness? If he knows his weaknesses, why doesn’t he correct himself? To know that people are a team, one person did not expect it to be possible, a team did not expect it, it is unlikely. They know the weaknesses and do not improve. If we make the same account, how can we overcome them by overtaking in a corner to achieve our wealth purpose?
In other words, one such account has such advantages and disadvantages, while the other has another advantage and disadvantage. How can we really avoid those disadvantages, or that we do not make these disadvantages become us at the beginning of our career? Important constraints?

Fun and earn money

Many things that do hobby are superficially not related to money. But that might be a person’s heartfelt love, and with this love, over time, it will definitely pay off. Moreover, the money obtained through such means is what a person really hopes to get, which will really make a person’s heart full and happy.

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