A Probe into Personal Finance (4)

Character and money

Values also reflect many things. Someone is in financial difficulties. He can go to work for several months to pay his friend’s account, while some people are different. They always find ways to ‘borrow’ money from classmates or friends and then not pay. In fact, this on the surface seems to have some benefits for a while, but in the long run, if the two have a common leader. Then someone else has an opportunity to do business now. Think about it, who will this leader choose to give this opportunity to?
In the long run, the first person may be more difficult for a while, but as long as he gets a little chance, he can turn over.
But for the second person, he just felt cheap for a while, but in the long run, he would be considered unreliable. One person would not give him a chance, and two people would not give him a chance. He has the opportunity, such a person, it is too difficult for a career to succeed.
Therefore, be a down-to-earth person. Work hard and earn money.

Investment attitude

Attitude towards investment is very important. People who make a sudden loss when they start investing will have a cautious attitude. And those who start to make money will feel that it is easy to make money by investing.
However, whether it is easy or hard, the most important thing for an individual is the megatrend. To judge a person’s true level, it depends on whether he can make money in a bear market. If you are not sure whether you can make money, you can sometimes refer to the stock data of the previous ten or fifteen years to simulate the attempt.
Be careful not to open your own “distant perspective”. For example, if you decide to use a stock on a trading day in October 2017 as a test, you need to find a record in your heart or reality, and write down why you want to buy this stock and why you want to be short / or long. What information is referenced. All listed. When are you ready to sell? Or leave the market as much as possible? Remember it all.

Then refer to your decision ‘departure time’ or ‘departure price’ to see if it is profitable. You can also refer to some news in the same period to estimate whether your guess is correct. If you practice for a long time, you will have a certain feeling. It will make your own vision of analyzing stocks more accurate. Of course, even if all the stocks picked in this simulation are correct, there is no guarantee that profits will be guaranteed in reality.
Therefore, even after such a long period of training, it can not be careless when it comes to real stocks. We must face it with a prudent attitude. Pay close attention to the fact that the rise and fall of the market cannot be regarded as one’s own skills.
The reason why many people make a lot of money when the bull market comes and then regret it when the bear market comes is because they see the surge in the market as their ability.

Facing comparison

Attitudes about money are very important. Comparing others, this is inevitable. If it is a slightly wealthy child, it will not cause any psychological shadow. If it is a poorer child, the sadness in the heart must be irresistible. But some people turned this sadness into motivation. Childhood poverty is not something that one can control. The life after growing up can be changed through the efforts of far more than ordinary people.
Being rich in childhood is a good thing. However, if you are rich, you must make your child have a skill to make a living. No matter what kind of extra-curricular learning he has done, once his family has fallen into disappointment, he must be guaranteed the skills to make a living. It should be noted that a career is like a moon, and a profit is a loss. When you are rich, you are much more prepared for poverty, otherwise you will regret it.
Society will never make more allowances for someone who was poor when they were poor, and will not erase someone’s current efforts because someone was poor in childhood.
This is actually an attitude towards money. Love money, this is not a bad thing. But earning money depends on your own ability. With real skills, you may not necessarily be able to say that you can earn millions or tens of millions of dollars a year, but it is not difficult to earn a living. The reason why many people fall apart is that they believe that they have nothing to do, and that they cannot do anything.
Of course, when someone is in poverty, he will inevitably have some resistance when he wants to make a life plan or expect to get better. At this time, you need a strong heart to face all this, and you must filter out those unharmful voices in your heart. Always cheer yourself up. Because others are not themselves after all, they cannot understand all of their own situation. Only after considering their own overall situation, the decision made is the most suitable for them.

Various profit methods

A variety of profitable means is a necessity in one’s life. Because a single profit depends on a single market, not only is the risk higher, but skills are also prone to risk of being imitated or outdated. If there are multiple profit-making methods, the cycles of multiple markets are generally different, which can greatly increase the ability to resist risks.
If you can’t find your profit point now, you can do your current job well. This is not only better than that of colleagues, but at least it should be said with conscience that in the current area, in terms of the skill level of the current job, it can exceed 90%. In this way, you can get more opportunities, even if they are not related, through a job opportunity.
Of course, maybe the current job is not your favorite, and it is not easy to change careers at once. At this time, we should persuade ourselves to do a good job of this dislike, as if it is to hone our minds. Once you have the opportunity to do your favorite industry, this kind of discipline will inevitably show its due value.

Seeking money from entertainment

For any entertainment you really like, you must find the skill points it can give you to survive. Some people can make money by playing games online, some people like surfing and make money by starting a travel project. To do this, it is not necessary to practice this skill to be very proficient, but it is necessary to accurately find the combination of it and business, and try boldly.
If you work hard enough, you are well prepared, and the market is welcome, it will be a new profit point in life.

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